Some of our more popular fencing styles



Shadowbox Style fencing creates an excellent border or frame for gardens. Boards are placed on either side of the fence rail, spaced so they block vision but still allow airflow through the fence. Solid fences provide little protection from wind flowing across large yards because the wind simply goes over the fence. Spaced boards, slats, louvers and/or lattice, break the wind up into smaller breezes creating effective protection in large open areas from stronger wind gusts.


Board on Board

Board on Board style fencing gives a fully closed fence surface look and offers full privacy visually. The added value of board on board wood fencing is due to the fact that that the fence boards are fastened to one central nailer and alternate sides board by board, creates total privacy. This puts less stress on the integrity of the fence while offering greater comfort in the warm weather.


Aluminum or Decorative

One of the most defining features of decorative fencing is the structural strength that provides both security and through –views. Decorative fencing comes in a variety of styles and colors. Generally you will see these used around pools but clients also have them installed around their yards to add more curb appeal and create a more decorative setting. They can call be used for security purposes, for this you will want be sure that the decorative fence height is sufficient to discourage individuals for climbing over. Also you will want to make sure the pickets are close enough together to prevent animals, children or other intruders from fitting in between. This product comes in a ray of colors but could take longer to process if you chose something other than traditional black.



Vinyl fencing is very durable and long lasting. They are more flexible than wood fences and there is no fear of rusting, rotting, decomposing or fading like other materials. This is the perfect solution for those who don't want the hassle of having to paint their fences each year, the only maintenance it may need power washing from to keep it looking as good as the day you had it installed. Depending on your intended use of this product where it be for security or decorative purposes, there are many styles for you to choose from.


Chain Length

Chain length is the second most popular style of fencing because it is well known & extremely versatile. This style of fencing offers all the benefits of a regular privacy fence including security, safety for your kids & pets, increase in property value, and sets property boundaries. Whether your use is for commercial or residential, there are a variety of heights as well as styles to choose from with the most popular being regular galvanized, however there are other colors to choose from to fit your liking.